Prof. Olema David Kani

Faculty Dean


The Faculty of Science and Education has been in existence since 2007 at the inception of the University. The faculty is located approximately 25 KM from Tororo town. over the years, the faculty has grown. from a population of less than 100, the Faculty now has a population of over 800 students. The faculty also started with only six departments but now has nine departments with several new programs such as Computer Science, information Technology, Higher access program and various post graduate programs in Physics, Mathematics and Education. The faculty is open to the public and welcomes all partnerships both local and international.

  1. Masters in Education Leadership and Management
  2. Masters In Industrial Mathematics
  3. Masters in Physics
  4. Bachelor Of Science with Education
  5. Bachelor of Computer Science
  6. Bachelor of Information Technology
  7. Bachelor of Education Primary
  8. Diploma Lab Technologies
  9. Diploma Education Primary
  10. Higher Education Access Certificate
  1. Department of math
  2. Department of physics
  3. Department of Computing
  4. Biology
  5. Chemistry
  6. Agriculture
  7. Business Studies
  8. Education
  9. Geography

First year Students are to Report on 1st March, 2021