Prof. Olema David Kani

Faculty Dean


Busitema University Faculty of Science and Education (BUFSE) is one of the six operational campuses of Busitema University ( Busitema University was established as the first multi-campus Public University I Uganda under the Universities and Other tertiary Institutions Act 2001, instrument 2007 No. 22. Faculty of science and Education ( became operational in 2007 and is located at Nagongera Campus which was formerly the National Teachers College (NTC) – Nagongera within one kilometre to Nagongera town council in Tororo district. The campus is approximately 16 kilometres from Tororo Town, along Tororo – Busolwe road. The faculty specialises and targets the training of SCIENTISTS and TEACHERS to fill the critical gap in human resource needs in Uganda and Sub-Saharan African region.


“To become a leading Centre of Excellence in training innovative Scientists and Teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa”


“To train high quality scientists and teachers as well as promoting quality research and outreach for socio-economic transformation and Sustainable development”


“Pursuing Excellence in Science and Teacher Education”


  1. PhD in Physics
  2. PhD in Educational Psychology
  3. PhD in Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation
  4. PhD in Educational Leadership & Management
  5. Master in Educational Leadership & Management
  6. Master in Educational Psychology
  7. Master of Science in Industrial Mathematics
  8. Master of Science in Physics
  9. Postgraduate Diploma in ICT Integration in Education (PGDIE)


Bachelor of Science Education

  1. Bsc.Ed(Physics/Mathematics)
  2. Bsc.Ed(Physics/Computer)
  3. Bsc.Ed(Mathematics/Computer)
  4. Bsc.Ed(Mathematics/Economics)
  5. Bsc.Ed(Biology/Chemistry)
  6. Bsc.Ed(Biology/Geography)
  7. Bsc.Ed(Biology/Physical Education)
  8. Bsc.Ed(Geography/Physical Education)
  9. Bsc.Ed(Economics/Computer)
  10. Bsc.Ed(Entrepreneurship/Computer)
  11. Bsc.Ed(Geography/Computer)
  12. Bsc.Ed(Agriculture Double Main)
  13. Bachelor of English Language Studies (BELS)

Bachelor of Education Programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Education Primary (BEP)

Bachelor of Science Programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BCS)
  2. Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)


  1. Diploma in Primary Education (DEP)
  2. Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (Biology)
  3. Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (Chemistry)
  4. Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (Physics)


  1. Certificate in Computer Applications (CCA)
  2. Certificate in Computer Repair, Maintenance and Networking Essentials (CCRMN)


  1. Higher Education Access Certificate (HEAC)
  1. Department of Mathematics
  2. Department of Physics
  3. Department of Computing
  4. Department of Biology
  5. Department of Chemistry
  6. Department of Agriculture
  7. Department of Business Studies
  8. Department of Education
  9. Department of Geography
Names Responsibility Contact
Prof. Olema David Kani Faculty Dean +256772938142,
Dr. Fulgensia Kamugisha Mbabazi Deputy Dean +256772657439,

Continuing Students are to Report on 1st November, 2021